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The Chosen of Mystra
    * Home of the only other mod for IWD:HoW.  They also have other IE editing projects and related material there.

Near Infinity
    * An excellent IE Resource Browser and Editor.  I (Grog) use it for most of my work.

Infinity Explorer
    * A good tool for browsing through the resource file of each IE game. Doesn't allow direct editing of files

Infinity Engine Savegame Editor
    * This save game editor should work with AB installed (unlike Dalekeeper).  I've never used it myself, so I make no claims as to it actual functionality.

Art and Artist Links

Please support these artist (fantasy and non-fantasy) by visiting their sites.

Michael Yazijan's
Yoseph Ade Setiawan
Alice Duke
Ynorka Chiu
Heather Elizabeth
Rafal Hrynkiewicz
Justin Sweet
Greg Martin
Digital Blasphemy
Shifted Reality
Darren M. A. Calvert