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Q) What is Auril's Bane?

A) It is a new MOD for Icewind Dale Heart of Winter, or Trials of the Luremaster, that combines both of CoM's previous IWD MODs: Project Auril and Winter's Bane. See the ReadME or General Info post [on the message board] for more details.

Q) How do I install the MOD?

A) Unzip the archive to your main IWD directory. Do not create additional folders please. Once you have extracted the MOD, run the program "setup-ab.exe". You can use this, to install or uninstall Auril's Bane or the additional component.

Q) Do I have to start a new game?

A) No, but I recommend that you do start a new game of to make sure you get the full experience of the mod. It is not strictly necessary to do so, but you will miss a lot of the new content.

Q) Can I uninstall Auril's Bane?

A) Yes, you sure can. Simply run the setup program again and chose the option to Uninstall.

Q) Is Auril's Bane compatible with Ease-of-Use?

A) For a full compatibility list see this post post on the message board

Q) What order should I install things in?

A) AB v1.3 should be installed before the Pseudo 3E Conversion pack.  Other than that install order, isn't of great importance.