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Heart of Winter Version

Auril's Bane v1.3  -- Please view the ReadMe file before installing.

Trials of the Luremaster Version

Auril's Bane v1.7 -- Combines PA and WBE v2.  Uses a WeiDU installer.  View the ReadMe file.

Other Downloads

Pseudo 3E Conversion Pack v5. -- Check the 'ReadMe' file for full details.

No Credits "patch" -- Install this pack to keep the End Credits from playing after completion of IWD and HoW

BG1 / PS:T Max HP on Level "patch" -- As the name implies, receive the maximum number of Hit Points when you level up your character.  BG1 and PS:T only.

Improved Initiative Workaround (IWD2) -- A workaround fix for those people who gave their character(s) the feat Improved Initiative in IWD2 (since it is bugged and does nothing).  Simply unzip the file into your override folder and import it into you game via the console ("ii_fix.itm")